Capturing HDR Images

  1. Use a stable, lightweight carbon fiber tripod, panoramic head, L bracket, and wireless remote for your DSLR camera. These features are underpinnings for accurate HDR image capture. In HDR capture, you want the full range of contrast and luminosity from each scene. This may be 5 EV or 15 EV. An EV is in exposure value, roughly 1 f-stop. In other words, you may need to take anywhere from 5 to 15 images at different f-stops.
  2. During HDR capture, take both portrait and landscape (vertical and horizontal) orientations.  You never know when an evocative image might adorn a magazine cover.
  3. With multiple storage cards, you’ll take lots of images at each location. For later simplicity in keywording, use a large card per locale. That simplifies ingestion and keywording when you take them into Lightroom.


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