Collection Sets

  1. In Lightroom, P stands for pick, X stands for reject, and U stands for undo. You always have to winnow through the day’s collection of images. While they’ve been brought into your main catalog on a hard drive, you’re quickly going to not only keyword them, but set them up in unique Collection Sets.
  2. Set up a Collection Set to organize your workflow for producing a unique image. An example might be:
    1. Copies of the original files.
    2. Remove any dust spots, noise, chromatic aberration, then sharpen the 0 EV raw image.
    3. Sync the result with all files before sending them to the HDR software.
    4. Lightroom will put the resulting HDR image back with the originals.
    5. Rename the new HDR image in accord with your keywording.
    6. You gonna perform a lot of these CFAM processing steps to get this image into a fine art status.

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