Copyrights and Keywords

  1. When it’s not Magic Hour, use a tough portable 1 TB external hard drive to create specific Lightroom catalogs on a laptop. If you want, name that catalog after the locale. Put your copyright and relevant keywords into each image on import. This early ingestion process should certify your ability to only take 5 minutes then find that image 5 years later.
  2. Keywording provides unique words to describe aspects of individual photos. Spend a minute after you recently shot an image to say something – where you took it, what you want to do with it, and why you want to find it in 5 minutes. Recall, you shoot a lot of digital images each trip. After a while, that becomes thousands of images you’ve successfully keyworded. So, work out that keywording process which best fits your brain!
  3. Back in the Studio, go over each of your images in Lightroom’s loupe mode. Eliminate any with camera shake, depth of field blur, or other gotchas. Be aware – images you can’t quite tone map now may be recoverable at a later time as raw file processing software improves.

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