1. I suggest you pick out one of your images and play around with each of these concepts. Sliders are an incredibly powerful way of ‘painting’ so your intuition puts just that exact interpretation for a compelling piece of creative fine art.
  2. I’ve used a Wacom pen tablet for years. The pen is simply more dexterous than a mouse. Think of it as a paintbrush… Because it adds pressure control, you’d be amazed what you can do by pen to truly create fine art magic.
  3. There are some things Photoshop does that Lightroom won’t. So you may still need to go to Photoshop for your very final step or steps.
  4. They say practice makes perfect. When I use these tools in Lightroom in CFAM mode, I don’t even notice the clock. I look up afterward – I’m amazed both at the beauty I created and the swift passage of well-spent time.
  5.  Many pros now say 90% of their post processing uses Lightroom.
  6.  So, try as many creative things as you can think of with Lightroom and pen tablet. Truly, it’s technology at its best. Take my word – tone mapping makes a new vibrant image out of your hard earned capture!

About Joe 

Photographer, author, teacher with enhanced skill creating Award-Winning Photos. Joe uses Luminosity Masking and CFAM-Creating Fine Art Magic for his work!