Last-But NOT Least…

  1. Tone mapping software (Lightroom and Photoshop) simply becomes better each year. Let’s say you really like an old image. But, you can’t make present tools do appropriate CFAM tone mapping. Keep that keyworded image in mind.
  2. Find it later when more advanced software is up to snuff…
  3. Now, make that old photo award-winning caliber!
  4. Recall ~ photography is on an ever-increasing learning path.

That’s what CFAM’s all about!

If you don’t understand or haven’t tried some of the techniques outlined above, we suggest you probably are a candidate who can benefit from CFAM.


About Joe 

Photographer, author, teacher with enhanced skill creating Award-Winning Photos. Joe uses Luminosity Masking and CFAM-Creating Fine Art Magic for his work!