Creating Fine Art Magic Quickens My Artistic Pulse

by Joe Bridwell

Bisti (old raw file) – Primordial Bisti (Creating Fine Art Magic)

“I always work better when I do not reason, when no question of right or wrong enters in – when my pulse quickens to the form before me, without hesitation nor calculation.”
Edward Weston, 1936.

This ‘make a Primordial Bisti’ idea sprang awake before dawn. Still half asleep this Thursday morning, I was in a dream state. I wanted to see the stable growth from a raw Bisti shot to CFAM’s evocative finale. Continue reading

Bullett Canyon Cataract (dry)

by Joe Bridwell

Cataract, Bullett Canyon, Cedar Mesa, se Utah

+Liliana Pellegrini +Davor Maksimovic +Alain Besnet; You guys +1’d Joe @ Bullett Canyon Cataract.  That pic is above the real cataract. It’s downhill from my pointing arm. Thought you guys would like to know, “… the Rest of the Story!”

Bullett Canyon was a water source for ancient Anasazi 1000 years ago. The Canyon is located in se Utah on Cedar Mesa. The hike is middle-of-the-road; if wet or snow, it would be really hard to get back up this steep feature.

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Welcome Aboard, New G+ Friends…

As 2013 begins, it’s time to reflect on your Google + creative ambitions for the coming year. It’s very exciting to look at photos I took recently. I love the marvelous landscapes from my adventures. It’s definitely nice to see all the incredible beauty which abounds on our planet.

We introduce CFAM, portfolios, videos, and a blog. Portfolios contain many of our top images. Forthcoming videos introduce and discuss what it takes to really Create Fine Art Magic (CFAM).

CFAM is a growing process which begins even before you hold a camera. It extends from shooting to tone mapping to sharing your images in a book or on the Internet. In between, you take many, many steps to create that piquant piece of fine art magic. We’ll try to discuss them all in CFAM…

Our typical blog entry is a photo and discussion. We ask, “How does creativity depend on many learning paths?” Your current state of photographic awareness is an upward path. Your ability to creatively use software development tools makes the magic. Your interpretive passion contains the power to make your photos unique, if not breathless! And how your photos reach the heart of others is the greatest reward!

We look forward to many new friends, captivating discussions, and lots of great photos.…

Happy New Year!