Tony Kuyper’s TK_Actions Panels

The Luminosity Mask is a perfect grayscale positive of the image. It has very little pure white or black. It also has shades of gray perfectly mirroring image brightness values. It will reveal adjustment effects most on brightest image pixels in light pixels (white reveals) and less as pixels get darker (black conceals).
Luminosity masks have a most important property: they are completely self-feathering. The image effect will be obvious. But there will be no way to tell where self feathering begins or ends. There are no hard edges-no need to try and make a perfect selection. The luminosity mask has perfect gradation of shades to insure each and every pixel is affected in exact proportion to its brightness.

TK_Actions Come in 3 flavors
  Basic Panel
All Luminosity Masks
Curves, Levels, and Channels
All Lights Masks
All Mid Tones Masks
All Darks Masks

TP+LM Panel
Triple Play
Lights Levels
Darks Levels
Lights Curves
Darks Curves
Luminosity Masks
Mid Tones

Actions Panel
Creative Masking
Subtractive Masking
This last panel is quite complex…

Tone Kuyper's Actions

Tone Kuyper’s Actions

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