What is CFAM?

What IS Creating Fine Art Magic ~ CFAM

(What’s CFAM?)

Creating Fine Art Magic inspires a spiritual wedding between your eye, your soul, your camera, and a magic brush in your hand. Your soul is a repetitive, inspirational source.  Your eye is a spectacular tool to observe the world. Your camera shoots the original scene. Skillful use of your software becomes a painter’s brush in your hand. Your high technology aptitude is the final springboard to indelible CFAM. When you break each vision down, what you see and what you feel must be captured and clearly expressed in each photograph.  When others see your enhanced photos, they become truly inspired!

Perhaps eye and soul are simply instinctive. High technology requires due diligence; you blend computers, remarkable software ‘painting’ tools, and your creative instincts into time honored, well-honed skill sets. Creative combination of these two – eye plus soul and software’s inventive brush – each and the graceful sum of all ~ provides powerful, evocative visual magic. Artist’s paintings have endured for centuries…

About Joe 

Photographer, author, teacher with enhanced skill creating Award-Winning Photos. Joe uses Luminosity Masking and CFAM-Creating Fine Art Magic for his work!